About Us

Why I Started This Brand.

As a busy mum of 4 young children, the gym was my outlet my time for me to do something I enjoy and have all the added benefits the gym offers.

  1. Improves mood.
  2. Boosts energy levels
  3. Promotes better sleep.
  4. Social interaction
  5. The final one for me was to get back in shape after pregnancy.

While getting back into the gym after pregnancy I found the more, I wanted to work out I didn't have the gym wear to support my workouts, my cheap vests and leggings that I had brought from the high street to start my workout offers no support and had me feeling self-conscious.

  1. See through leggings with underwear showing.
  2. Vests that are not sports bras and offer no support.
  3. Not high-waisted and I had my stretch marks showing which made me feel uncomfortable when working out.

After doing some research I decided to go and buy some gym clothing and to my surprise the cost was out of my price range as paying over £100 for a gym set was not something I could do, without feeling guilty making a purchase like that when I would just be thinking I should of brought something for the kids.

So, I decided to start a brand that would help me in the gym and help other people that felt like me.

  1. Squat proof.
  2. Supportive sports bra.
  3. High Waisted
  4. Sweat Wicking Fabric
  5. Stylish
  6. Great colours
  7. Affordable.

That's how my brand gymgenetix was born.